3G Medical Supplies Company is a high tech Medical Supply company that specializes in new technology as of a result of digital technology advances. Medical equipment is going through a revolution brought about through diode improvement just as the computer industry has. Today's machines focus on connectivity and interoperability. Digital machines are only part of the revolution how they interact with hospitals IT systems is key in getting the most of the technology advance.

Chip technology has allowed medical machines to be downsized deriving greater utility. Today diagnostic machines have practical application for clinics of all sizes. Instant results from diagnostics allow doctors to better understand the patient's conditions. Early diagnosis of patient's health problems results in better treatment and faster recovery. The economics of the return on investment in medical equipment for Hospitals and Clinics has never been better since technology has not only driven improved patient diagnosis but has driven the price of medical equipment lower.

3G Med Supplies is selective in product line as distributors we believe our job is to match our Original Equipment Manufacturers product with health care needs in Thailand. Equipment we offer has the capacity to interface with IT systems as well as to perform new patient care procedures. We always provide a total solution so in many cases we package different product lines together.

Our clients are never out of reach with us since we have an interactive streaming video website that keeps our clients up to date on upgrades and technical information about their equipment and the procedures it is used for in both text and video format. Our web sites also house training video on all our product line and a referral service to all clients that use our equipment so that best practices can be shared.


3G Med Supplies mission is to provide Patients, Hospitals, Clinics, and Doctors with a high tech digital platform using the power of intelligent devices such as Mobile Phone, iPad Devices and Internet to deliver information in a timely manner to improve health care. We will enable doctors to network within their community with easy to use application on their Mobile Phone to establish best practices for our product line as well as others. To do this we will cooperate with the Medical Universities to supply the support structure to ensure that content information is creatable accurate and of value to both patients and the Medical Community.

Our product line of medical equipment and pharmaceuticals will be supported through 3G applications. We will also form partnerships with leading Medical Supply companies so that they can leverage their sales channels with the use of 3G Streaming video and information channels.